friday inspiration


Ball of Light is a beautiful light photography series by Denis Smith. Long exposure time (10+ minutes) allow the artist to connect with the landscape and explore new territories. All sans Photoshop!

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looks like music


Sound artist Yuri Suzuki designed this delightful interactive installation in which a miniature vehicle - the color chaser - detects and follows a black line and translates crossing coloured lines as RGB data into sound. In an interview with Dezeen, Yuri said, “I am dyslexic and I cannot read musical scores. However, I have a passion to play and create new music and I always dream to create new notation of music.”

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san fran design week poster


Translucent, colored laser cut plexiglas create this lovely poster for San Francisco Design Week. The identity work, designed by Manual Creative, was based on the concept ‘Exploring The Creative Overlap’. Marvelous!

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watertower by tom fruin


Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Watertower is composed of 1,000 scraps of plexiglas and reclaimed steel. The iconic tower is illuminated by the sun during the day and by Ardunio-controlled light sequences designed by Ryan Holsopple at night. Created by Tom Fruin.

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kindergarten kekec


Kindergarten Kekec is an extension to an existing kindergarten building that utilizes colorful wooden shutters as compensation for the school's lack of outdoor play equipment. Aside from serving as a shading element, the toy slats provide for children's play and learning: as the children manipulate the colourful wooden planks they get to know different colours, experience wood as a natural material, and are constantly change the appearance of their kindergarten, all at the same time. Designed by Jure Kotnik Architecture.

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