kor one hydration vessel

I read about this last week, but of course I lost it amongst the plethora of blog links I travel to daily. Like most designers, I swooned over the KOR ONE "hydration vessel" that emphasizes both good design and being environmentally-friendly.

Side Note
Although I appreciate any product or company's movement toward being sustainable, few have delivered true sustainability despite their promotion of it. This company has failed to mention any sustainable practices beyond eliminating bisphenol A (BPA) as a component of water bottles and encouraging the reuse of their water bottle. They make no comment on their manufacturing process or any other step of the product's lifecycle that would qualify their water bottle as being truly sustainable.

This is not an issue that is specific to KOR. With the uprising in the "green" movement, the definition of sustainable practices has been paraphrased, simplified and frankly, dumbed down, in order for people to either understand and/or practice "being green," which in turn loses sight of what sustainability truly embodies and gives its audience the wrong impression of how to be responsible to ourselves and to the environment - and it is a damn shame.

via Grassroots Modern

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