Whilst perusing aimlessly on the internet, I came across the elegant Concertina Wood Trivet (below, top left) and wondered what else I was missing in the exciting realm of trivet design.

Small kitchens result in tricky space-saving techniques, which these trivets address with function if not also with form: (clockwise, from top left) Side by Side's Concertina Wood Trivet, Alessi's Pescher Trivet, Jakob Wagner's Propeller Trivet, the Blomus Knik Trivet and the Blomus Justin Trivet.

For aesthetically-pleasing trivets, I recommend the following: (clockwise, from top left) Maija Puoskari's Sola Trivet, MIO's Cork Trivet, Cheong and Nogtev's Bruce Trivet, Sagaform's Wood Trivet, Ikea's Snillrik Trivet, Designit's Teak Trivet, and Rosendahl's Stainless Steel Trivet.

Personally, I am not fond of the Bruce Trivet from a functional standpoint, but I am impressed that Cheong and Nogtev were able to pass off nunchakus as a table accessory.

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Anonymous said...

I never knew they were called "trivets."