self-watering pots

UGH, sometimes I get so sick of my profession. Once again, a product designer attempts to solve a problem with the end result looking tacky and mass-manufactured, with cheap glossy plastic and parting lines galore. This Grobal Self-Watering Planter was botched designed by Karim Rashid (I'm not even linking his name, I'm so irked) to set homeowners' minds at ease when they go on vacation (or if they have a brown thumb).

However, ICK. The function of the pot (hydroponic - which is not a new idea but one that differentiates it from other self-watering pots I've seen) is completely overshadowed by the total ugliness of the design.

Here are my reccommedations for both style and function:

Eva Solo Flower Pot (left) is a bit disproportionate (top heavy!?), but I much prefer its slick exterior to the Grobal. I am not sure of the brand name for this self-watering pot (right), but it was another example of an elegant design.

The Wet Pot system utilizes clay, glaze and glass, and exudes a warmth in materials that the Grobal pot severely lacks.

via Grassrootsmodern

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