my teal-ish valentine


I have never subscribed to Valentine's Day, choosing instead to celebrate my love whenever I feel like it, and without obligation.

However, this holiday gives me an opportunity to make a list of things I want, which I love to do! My list is void of pinks and minimal on hearts, as I do not care much for either.

My Teal-ish Valentine

{ 1 } Bike Love by Dora Drimalas, $40
{ 2 } Chloe Vessel Decorated by Perch, $70
{ 3 } Smoked Balsam Soap by Naiad, $4.50
{ 4 } Owen Sheep Table by Ibride, $396
{ 5 } Log Bowl by Loyal Loot, $138
{ 6 } Tilt Bowl by Clio, $32

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