colourful masking tape by mt


These have been circulating around for a little while now, and I finally caught the name of the manufacturer over at Oh Joy! - Unfortunately, they seem to be selling out all over the web.

Fortunately for me they are produced in Japan and I definitely plan on grabbing mass quantities of these colourful masking tapes from MT in April! Maybe if you are good I will bring you some, too ;D

Update! Some versions of this tape are available over at Ginko Papers, in packs of three rolls each with a different pattern!

via Oh Joy!


maggie holmes said...

do you have any links where i can buy this in the us???? i need it NoW!! :) i am in LOVE!

KAT! said...

you can find some here, i am not sure if it is the same brand or not

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for mentioning us in your post. Just to let everyone know, YES! Our tape is also manufactured by MT and has unique designs that they made in collaboration with another Japanese vendor we buy from. MT is the only real maker of the colored masking tape, so beware of fakes!
Please visit us at
Best wishes! Garin (Owner)

karen sato said...

you can buy these fantastic items from my etsy shop :


i deal directly with the mt masking tape company itself.

i love everything washi and often post about japanese goods on my personal website :

please visit my shop when you have some free time.


karen sato