fred & friends


This might be a little off course, but I am really, really amused by Fred & Friends. If you haven't been introduced to their products yet, they produce an extremely humorous line of functional (although totally unnecessary) products, some of which I would actually own. Otherwise, they make great cheeky gifts.

Some of my favourites, shown above clockwise:

Half Pint Creamer, $14
Iconoclasps Paper Clips, $5
Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray, $6.50
Early Bird Alarm Clock, $25
Golden Nest Egg Bank, $24


Lady Meerkat said...

Fred is my favourite range out of the stuff we sell at work (Socrates in Australia). I wish we had more of it! they do make excellent gifts for a wide range of ages, they are well made, the packaging is recyclable and althugh they aren't necessities they are useful as novelties go.

Jennifer said...

That Half Pint Creamer totally reminds me of one my mom had when I was a kid, made of lucite. It was the 80s and almost everything was made of lucite!