dry soda


This post is focused on both the packaging and the beverage. Dry Soda, designed by Seattle-based Turnstyle, is a sophisticated, non-alcoholic drink that is to be paired with fine dining. The idea was inspired by Dry Soda's founder, Sharelle Klaus, who yearned for a wine alternative whilst going through four pregnancies. This concept is great also for those who are straight edge, like myself, or those who refrain from alcohol for medical or religious reasons.

“Designed for those seeking a sophisticated, non-alcoholic beverage option, DRY Soda Co. produces lightly sweet, all-natural, culinary sodas. The sodas were developed specifically to be paired with great foods. To this end, DRY wanted the bottles to look at home in an upscale restaurant or at a five star hotel. Our design solution was intentionally minimalist."

via Lovely Package

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