node power outlet by metaphys


I was really blown away when I first laid eyes on this product concept. Naturally, I was drawn to its minimal form, but also to the simplistic function of the piece, allowing more than two plugs per outlet and virtually eliminating the need for power strips.

Designed by Metaphys in Japan. AH, Japan...

Side note: I tried to translate this via Google Translate, and my favourite mistranslated sentence was, " 'Stupidest question of' octopus wiring caused by foot." Way to go, Google.

via Gizmodo

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Macy Dawn said...

This outlet is very similar in style to the the outlets we had in our hotel during our recent stay in Kuala Lumpur. I was fascinated by the concept! Our outlets were long and metal, with one sliding groove across the entire length (similar to the grooves that wrap around this square one). Of course the outlet was for European-type plugs :)