the egg as packaging


{ 1 } Egg Sprouts by Revisions Design Studio
"This is a super cute way to add a little color to any room or table setting. Wheatgrass is really easy to grow and care for. Just add your own potting soil and in 7-9 days your grass will be looking fabulous!"

{ 2 } Porcelain Egg Votive by Revisions Design Studio
"These candles glow beautifully in their translucent porcelain shells. Made from 100% U.S. grown soy wax... When the candle is done burning, you can clean out the shell and use as a decorative accessory.

{ 3 } Egglings
"The precious, little eggling looks and feels like an extra large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready to grow!"

{ 4 } Code EggZoo Studio
"Packaging design for the limited edition chocolate work of art, “Huevo Código” (Code Egg), by the chocolate artist Rubén Álvarez. Each chocolate egg is numbered individually, and a label encloses the cardboard box, also signed and numbered by the artist."

via Design Milk and Lovely Package


eh.mio said...

love eggs, lovely picks :)

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just yesterday i saw a website