vintage-inspired autumn


Recently I've been accumulating a collection of vintage paint by number paintings, and I love the overall colour palette of these pieces. Here are a few home items that I think create a wonderful vintage-inspired modern aesthetic!

{ 1 } Plaid Fur Throw, Urban Outfitters, $58
{ 2 } Vintage Blue Perfect Mason Jars, Etsy, $18
{ 3 } ENDANGERED Deer Dunny, Kid Robot, $10
{ 4 } Vintage Paint By Number, Laurel Leaf Farm, $32
{ 5 } Squirrelly Love, Enormous Champion, $30
{ 6 } Shady Tree Lamp Shade, Lekker Home, $1,200
{ 7 } Nesting Pyrex Bowls, Ebay, $85


rehane said...

i discovered your blog today and I just love it! keep going!

MB said...

I love these earthy bold tones. They remind me of my dentist's office, he hasn't redecorated since the 1970s!

KAT! said...

thanks, rehane!

and siescierto, your dentist's office sounds awesome! :P

loving. living. small. said...

loving these colors and reminds me of the east coast, where i grew up

KAT! said...

loving. living. small. - true, i wonder if i grew up on a different coast/area that my perception of fall colours would be totally different??