holiday: DIY food gifts


Recession or no recession, I am always appreciative of a thoughtful, low-cost handmade gift. I know cookies are a holiday food staple, but why not make it more personal? Tweaking the following gift ideas would make wonderful, useful gifts for any admirer of lover and/or cooking: DIY herb arrangement, flavored sugars and salts and homemade caramels (or another specific well-loved treat).

I love it when I get something from someone that says, "Perhaps you don't think I pay attention to all the little details of your life, but I totally do" - like when my friend Richie bought me the best poster ever (lower left): a Decemberists poster (favourite band) that was black (favourite color), silkscreened (well-loved activity) and had both a pirate ship (because pirates will always be amazing) and a skull on it (my most favourite icon).

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