low profile cat scratchers from square cat habitat


Okay, so this might seem like a silly thing to post about, but for those of you with cats who have struggled through the endless aisles of ugly crap at any pet store, you can appreciate the simple beauty of this product. The Itch and the Lo by Square Cat Habitat are two low profile cat scratchers for your home that come in a pleasing array of materials and color accents. I think either of these on the wall or floor would complement a clean, modern interior without screaming cat! I stumbled upon them over at Supermarket the other day and when we get a cat for our new apartment this is going on the list of must haves!


CitricSugar said...

I am so very glad that people are starting to understand that owning a cat is not the same thing as disowning taste and style. I might have to get one of these... Thanks for sharing!

seesaw designs said...

Cute and simple. Not qualities you usually get out of pet accessories.