the vessel collection by crafted systems


I think the craftsmanship and intricate weaving of these vessels by Crafted Systems are just lovely. The silhouettes are contemporary whilst the woven origami-like construction recalls a more traditional time.

A beautiful description of their work:
"In today's society we have become distant from handwork. Artisanship has faded; technology and convenience render handwork a thing of the past. We consume things produced by industrial processes, never touched by people, yet we crave the story and meaning in the handcrafted object which cannot be produced by machine.

At CraftedSystems, we celebrate modern craft: reinvigorating handcraft in the context of today's society. Instead of using highly skilled artisans, we partner with the YWCA women's shelter to create our products. We help in skills development for women in transition, economically enabling and empowering them, giving them collective purpose and creative outlet. They work in a collaborative environment, share learnings and pass on knowledge while participating in this "healing work."

via Contemporist

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