friday inspiration

An adorable advertisement for Fedex using Fedex boxes as "dominoes" to illustrate shipping from Canada (by a Canadian goose) to the United States (a puppy). The monochromatic floor map is wonderful. It combines what I see as two childhood pastimes: dominoes and model trains - at least by reference of a miniature world and travel. My favorite details are the "C'est la V" poster in the goose's office and the photo on his desk of the man at the park who feeds him.

Designed by BBDO. Happy Friday, and may all your holiday shipments be this exciting!

via adgoodness


Jennifer said...

Such a clever concept, and the details are wonderful--that poster is hilarious, also funny is the "No vacuums" sign on the pup's wall. And you can't go wrong with a cute fuzzy puppy in your commercial, either!

Jennifer said...

But I do have a slight issue with all of the Fedex boxes they used... did they all just get thrown out or recycled after? Some poor interns must have had the great job of putting all of them together ;)