friday inspiration

I won't spoil the ending to this truly delightful promotional video about the anticipation of Christmas day - but it may bring a tear to your eye. Happy Friday!

PS. I'll be taking a little blogging break from now until the new year. May your holiday celebrations be joyous!


carola said...

love it here!!

Val/senseandgrace said...

I just love it, may I use it in my blog?? with right links ofcourse. That is one one of my fav stores.
I will miss you, wish you a happy brake and full with love.


Val/senseandgrace said...

happy holidays

Kathryn said...

I admit, I did give a bit of a squeak and had to hold back a tear or two! How cute, and what an ending (:

KAT! said...

did you notice his pajamas? robots! adorable.